Born in the sunny southside of Portugal, 1997
Currently lives and works between Praha and Lisboa.
+351 926 611 579

Represented by Stoerung Galerie
Adalbertstrasse 24, Berlin (DE)

“Time takes its crazy toll”  Says Thurston Moore in the opening line of Sonic Youth’s epic – The Diamond Sea.  And as the song crumbles upon its own distortion across its magnificent 20 minutes, so does memory fall ill to the unforgiving curse of time.
The relationship between memory and the urban landscape, is the main foundation of my artistic investigation. As such, I aim to raise my own questions regarding the role that the human presence – or the total lack of it – plays inside the City, as well as its own eternal and inherent ephemerality. Working directly with elements of the City, my artistic practice is essentially an amalgamation of different, sometimes opposing or conflicting processes, brought together in the same body of work and forced not only to co-exist, but also to dialogue. Among appropriation, stealing, recreation, fragmenting and tracing, the result of these processes can often be conflicting, blurring the frontiers that separate the mundane from the artistic.

Memories are ephemeral – unreliable, distorted, biased by feelings and untrusting – and that’s what makes them so interesting to work with.


2020/ongoing - Fine Art (MFA)
UMPRUM Prague - CZ
Intermedia Studio - Dominik Gajarsky & Michal Pěchouček

2015/ 2018 - Visual Arts (BFA)
University of Algarve - PT

2021 - Fine Art (MFA)
UMPRUM Prague - CZ
Guest Artist Studio - Matt Mullican


2020 - Linhas De Campo, Egeu - Lisbon, PT
2019 - Deadlift, 289 Project Room - Faro, PT
2018 - Dreamhouse (Curated by Sandro Resende), Travessa da Ermida - Lisbon, PT
2018 - Unknown Structures / Unnamed Spaces, Foco Lisboa - Lisbon, PT


2021 - No Fear, Podebradska 64 - Prague, CZ

2021 - Careful, The Floor is Wet (curated by Aude Vignac), Mono - Lisbon, PT

2021 - Da Terra á Lua a Pé (curated by Pedro Cabral Santo), Plataforma Revólver - Lisbon, PT

2021 - Prescribed Happiness (curated by VA UMPRUM), Villa P651 - Prague, CZ
2020 - I Will Take The Risk (Lisbon Art Weekend ‘20), Azan Space - Lisbon, PT
2019 - Sabotage, Galeria Trem - Faro, PT
2019 - Micro-clima, Galeria Valbom - Lisbon, PT
2019 - I Will Take The Risk (Curated by Carolina Trigueiros and Tomaz Hipólito), Azan Space - Lisbon, PT
2018 - This is Not a Lovesong (BFA), Historical Beer Factory - Faro, PT
2017 - Mr. Mov Videoart Festival, Santa Guillia Fine Art Academy - Brescia, IT


2020/2022 - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - Scholarship, PT

2021 - Art Matters 3 (Galerie Biesenbach) - Honourable Mention, DE

2019 - Carpediem / Millenium BCP Young Art Prize - Shortlisted, PT
2017 - Young Creators Award (IPDJ & CPAI) - Shortlisted, PT


2021 - Mono - Lisbon, PT

2020 - Egeu - Lisbon, PT


AZAN Collection - PT
Carpe Diem Editions - PT
Private collections


2021 - Alcazar, Egeu - Lisbon, PT

2021 - Art Matters 3 (digital exhibition), Galerie Biesenbach - Köln, DE

2021 - An Everlasting Gaze (digital exhibition), Dentro - Porto, PT

2020 - Carpe Diem: Editions, Excavo - London (Ontario), CAN

2017 - Outdoor: Jovens Artistas (Sandro Resende P28) - Faro, PT


2021 - Written Interview - Les Nouveaux Riches Magazin, AT

2021 - Entrevista a 471 Artistas (Sara & André) - Contemporânea Magazine, PT
2019 - Dose #3 - Independent publication, PT

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